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The Process of Efficiency

Work Breakdown Structure





Benaa is the platform system to handle all steps in the lifecycle of a project and to maintain efficiency in all stages with all involved parties. You will simply ensure the project best delivery by completing all tasks at the right time , cost and quality. 

Benaa has been built based on the Work Breakdown Structure Tool, or WBS, . WBS is a project management tool that takes a step-by-step approach to complete large projects with several moving pieces. By breaking down the project into smaller components, a WBS can integrate scope, cost and deliverables into a single tool. WBS encompasses all aspects of the project, as well as the person or team responsible for that component.

Why WBS?

hassle-free Approach

WBS breaks down the project into bite-size components, making the project less overwhelming and more manageable.

Everyone's Roadmap

provides a roadmap for the different individuals and teams working on the project.

No Surprises

WBS is an excellent tool for measuring project completion, identifying milestones and allocating budget resources. That means, no roadblocks due to unexpected surprises.

With Bena You Get Much Less Than You Expect

Less cost per built housing unit

Adopting the methodologies of international home-builders for qualifying subcontractors and reducing their number to suit the exact requirements of projects eliminates uncalled for profit margins

Less time to complete

Applying our unique system, Bena'a, assures smooth and timely logistics for your project. Every stage is well programmed and controlled. No unnecessary blunders and costly work delays

Less uncertainty

No unpleasant surprises. Nothing is un-programmed and unexpected. You as an investor are literally in the picture. Enter your password and watch your project develop from the comfort of your home or office




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