Planning Stage


Less Surprises, more Clarity

The key to good project planning is the ability to anticipate potential problems before they become actual problems. So each part of the project elements should be well planned to serve the project objective.

Every Single Details

Once the scope of the project has been defined in the Project Charter, the project enters the detailed planning phase.

Clear Vision

Starting with a clear objective and identifying the Purpose and  Need of any projects, before it starts.  Therefore, any steps throughout the project’s lifecycle, must relate back to the original purpose and need. 


In BEANAA, you will have all the documents of drawings, specification, contract documents in one place, making sure that will serve the project. 


Step by Step


  • Defined project objective

  • Develop a project brief

  • Set Project Goals 

  • creat a project budjet 

  • Defend project main function 

  • Perform Feasibility Study

  •  Establish Project Charter

  • Develop project plimanary design schematic & specification 

  • Appoint Project Team

  • Develop Project Plan

  • Develop Financial Plan

  • Develop Quality Plan

  • Develop Risk Plan

  • Develop Communications Plan

  • Develop Procurement Plan